Main Engine Overhaul

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It all began four decades back with a small team of four persons undertaking overhauling of main engine turbochargers and engine tuning of generator engines.

The activities slowly stepped up to cover large bore engine's critical repairs and overhauls, replacing of generator crankshafts and allied works.Impressed by our work ethic, the local head of leading engine builder from Scandinavia arranged a special study tour at their main plant in Copenhagen.This tour also covered up wide range of items such as rebuilding and machining of piston crowns, steliting of exhaust valves, babbiting of main and big end bearings.

This enormously helped us in widening our activities in the years that followed. This was the era that the technology development was fast changing both for main as well as auxiliary engines. We equally geared up ourselves to adopt new techniques and trained our workforce which had already crossed three digit numbers accordingly. Engine alignment and engine tuning became special features of our service. In the year 2000 we created a unique feat of changing a damaged main engine crankshaft in afloat condition of a fully laden handy size bulk carrier at OPL Singapore. There are innumerable feats we have performed like the one above.

And this is never ending story.....