About Us

Start up……brief history.

The initial two decades are of great significance in the life of an institution, as much as of an individual. It is not only the formative period, but also an index of what lies in store. It is then that stock is taken of the achievements made and future plans are visualized and laid.

This precisely, is what we are doing now. It was in 1971, that a modest beginning was made by us with a workforce of just four persons. We then offered specialized marine services like turbocharger overhauling, engine parameter settings and tuning. Impressed by the quality of our service, Ship Owners loaded us with more intricate jobs. This widened the scope of our services followed by expansion of our work force. We grew in size and strength and successfully tackled various shipboard maintenance programs. We had won the confidence of Ship Owners / Managers and an important and essential milestone had been reached.

Confidence breeds confidence. It happened with us too. We were encouraged by the response received to our service center at Mumbai. We decided to give mobility to our service team by sending out specialized team to solve the problems at the site instead of waiting for the vessels with their problems reaching our site. This naturally meant a reduced maintenance downtime. The idea appealed to Ship Owners / Managers and within fifteen months of commencement of our operation in 1971, our valued clients perceived that a new, efficient and dependable service center had emerged in India. These esteemed clients decided to engage the services of our ever-ready ‘Flying Squads’ to ride on their vessels. Some of the Scandinavian European Ship Owners followed suit. This paved the way for the global acceptance of our multi-faceted activities.

By now the expectations of the Ship Owners / Managers, the world over had increased and they looked upon us to meet their entire requirements. In their eyes we were no longer mere marine repairers, but first rate result oriented trouble shooters. Some of them appointed us as their technical managers and the services we rendered were not only technical in nature, since, we also worked as Consultants for their manpower requirements too.

We shouldered this responsibility ably and once again proved that we had achieved, in practice, total dependability to fully shoulder Owners / Technical Managers on board problems.

Shipping industry, the world over, suffered a catastrophe during the late seventies and early eighties. It witnessed the miserable failure of some of the giants. For us this was a period of consolidation. We used this period to train & build up our strength at our Mumbai base by partially converting our repair base into in-house training school. A fabricator need not only be a fabricator but should be a good coded welder too or even an engine mechanic should be a good turner and to certain extent should be able to carry out a simple pipe fabrication & welding. This helped us in keeping the size of our repair team limited to 6-8 persons rather than 10-14 numbers.

Previously our engineer’s presence was required to set in fuel timing & tuning & also meticulously carry out engine / alternator alignment. Today our technicians carry out the same functions efficiently without the presence of any senior person overseeing them. Some of the Ship Owners are regularly employing these persons as Generator Engineers on board their vessels. This kind of confidence the Technical Managers have developed into their ability.

We, at our base in Mumbai, continuously monitor the work progress on day to day basis & any advice, we feel, need to be given to our team, the same is conveyed through the Master / Chief Engineer using ship’s communication system.

There is a continuous process of upgrading the skills of our technical pool at our base in Mumbai including conducting safety awareness courses to ensure the same are followed diligently by our repair team members. This is apart from the safety courses conducted by institutions approved by Directorate General of Shipping which our technicians have to undergo as one of the mandatory requirement.

Our track record itself speaks the high importance we give to SAFETY aspect with no accidents have been reported by any of the Ship Owners who have utilized our sailing squad services over the past 40 years.