On Deck & Cargo Space

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MARTEK provides assistance for repairs of all Deck Machinery as well as undertakes Tank up-gradation, Hydro-Blasting and Coatings for Deck and Tank surfaces including DBs.

We execute following repairs and maintenance projects:-
♦ Manufacturing and installation of Windlass Gearwheel and Pinion, we can cast up to 8 ton weight and up to 5 Mtrs. Dia.
♦ Crane repairs, renewal of crane bearing.
♦ Panama Roller Modification.
♦ Steel and Pipeline Fabrication.
♦ Life Boat Davit maintenance.
♦ Cargo Hold maintenance.
♦ Hydro Blasting and Coating of Main Deck, Piping Structures and Accommodation.
♦ Tank Coating of Ballast Tanks, Double Bottom Tanks, Void Spaces.